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Epistle XLVI.

To Felix, Bishop of Pisaurum (Pesaro).

Gregory to Felix, Bishop, &c.

We wonder at your Fraternity, that, disregarding the tenor of the precept given you by our predecessor of holy memory, you should consecrate the monastery constructed by John, the bearer of these presents, otherwise than as ancient use demands.  For, while it is ordered among other things in the said precept that you should dedicate the place itself without a public mass, still, as we have heard, your chair has been placed there, and the sacred solemnities of mass are there publicly celebrated.  If this is true, we hereby exhort you that, putting aside all excuse, you cause your 202bchair to be altogether removed thence, and that henceforth you perform no public masses there.  But, as both custom and the tenor of the precept direct, if they should wish mass to be celebrated for them there, let a presbyter be appointed by thee for the purpose16631663    Cf. II. 41..

Further, we desire that with the favour of God there shall always remain a congregation of servants of God in the same monastery, as the aforesaid John has requested, and as is now the case.  As to the cup also which he informs me has been taken away by your Fraternity, if it be so, make haste to restore it.  These things, then, let your Holiness so study to fulfil that the aforesaid bearer may have no need to resort to us again on the same account.

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