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Epistle II.

To the Clergy and People of Ravenna.

Gregory to the clergy and people of the Church of Ravenna.

We have been informed that certain men, instigated by the malignant spirit, have wished to corrupt your minds by false speech with regard to the reputation of our brother and fellow-bishop Marinianus16281628    See above, V. 48, note 3.; saying that this our brother venerates the holy synod of Chalcedon less than becomes him16291629    The ground of this charge against Marinianus was doubtless his acceptance of the condemnation of the “Three Chapters” by the fifth council, which condemnation, notwithstanding Rome’s approval of it, was still objected to in many quarters as contravening the council of Chalcedon.  See I. 16, note 3; IV. 2, note 1; IV. 38, 39; XIV. 12..  On this head both he himself in person will satisfy you all of the integrity of his faith, and we fully testify that, having been nursed from his cradle in the bosom of the holy Universal Church, he has held the right preaching of the faith with the attestation of his life.  For he venerates the holy Nicene synod in which Arius, the Constantinopolitan, in which Macedonius, the first Ephesine, in which Nestorius, and the holy Chalcedonian, in which Dioscorus and Eutyches were condemned.  And if any one presumes ever to speak anything against the faith of these four synods and against the tome and definition of pope Leo of holy memory, let him be anathema.  Accordingly, receiving the fullest satisfaction, love ye your pastor in entire charity with a pure heart, that the intercession of the same your pastor, poured out purely before God, may avail to your profit.

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