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Epistle XXIII.

To Castorius, Notary.

Gregory to Castorius, &c.

Our hearing of the death of our brother and fellow-bishop John15941594    Viz. John bishop of Ravenna, as to whom see III. 56, 57; V. 11, 15.  Marinianus was elected in his place.  See VI. 34, 61. has greatly saddened us especially as that city at this time has lost the solace of pastoral care.  Wherefore, since very many advantages to the Church itself demand that, under the guidance of Christ, a priest should be ordained without delay, we accordingly charge thy Experience to exhort the clergy and people with all urgency that they delay not to elect for themselves a priest to be consecrated.  This however, and before all things, we desire thee to press upon them, that in the general cause they regard not their own private interests.  Let there be no venality, then, in this election, lest, while they covet rewards, they lose their discrimination of choice and think that man worthy for this office who may have pleased them, not by his merits, but by his gifts.  For let them especially and absolutely know this, that he is not only unworthy of the priesthood, but will also certainly become further culpable, whosoever may presume to make merchandise of the gift of God by thinking to purchase it for a price.  Wherefore let not him that is liberal in bribes, but him that is worthy for his merits, be chosen.  For the penalty will affect both the elected and the electors, if they attempt with sacrilegious mind to violate the purity of the priesthood.  Moreover, whether one or two may have been elected, by all means warn five of the senior presbyters and five of the leading people15951595    De præcedentibus.  Al. de præcedentibus diaconibus. to come to us together.  But with respect to the clergy, if, besides those who determine to come, you are of opinion that the presence of any others is necessary, send them to us without delay, that there may be no plea of excuse, nor any delay ensue, in setting the Church in order.

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