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Epistle XXXV.

To Peter, Subdeacon.

Gregory to Peter, subdeacon of Campania14901490    See II. 6, note 3..

Our brother and fellow-bishop Paul has often requested us to allow him to return to his own church.  And, having perceived this to be reasonable, we have thought it needful to accede to his petition.  Consequently let thy Experience convene the clergy of the Neapolitan church, to the end that they may choose two or three of their number, and not omit to send them hither for the election of a bishop.  But let them also intimate, in their communication to us, that those whom they send represent them all in this election, so that their church may have its own bishop validly ordained.  For we cannot allow it to be any longer without a ruler of its own.  Should they perchance try in any way to set aside thy admonition, bring to bear on them the vigour of ecclesiastical discipline.  For he will be giving proof of his own perverseness, whosoever does not of his own accord assent to this proceeding.  Moreover, cause to be given to the aforesaid Paul, our brother and fellow-bishop, one hundred solidi, and one little orphan boy, to be selected by himself, for his labour in behalf of the same church.  Further, admonish those who are to come hither as representing all for the election of a bishop, to remember that they must bring with them all the episcopal vestments, and also as much money as they may foresee to be necessary for him who may be elected bishop to have to his own use.  But lose no time in despatching those of the clergy who are selected as we have said, that, seeing that there are present here divers nobles of the city of Naples, we may treat with them concerning the election of a bishop, and take counsel together with the help of the Lord.

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