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Epistle VIII.

To Natalis, Archbishop.

Gregory to Natalis, archbishop of Salona14771477    Natalis was Metropolitan of the province of Dalmatia.  See note II. 18, note 3..

Whilst every kind of business demands14781478    I.e. episcopal rank.  Here, as below in this Epistle and elsewhere, by sacerdotes are meant bishops. anxious investigation of the truth, what pertains to deposition from sacerdotal rank should be considered with especial strictness, since here the matter in hand is not concerning persons constituted in a humble position, but, as it were, concerning reversal of divine benediction.  This consideration has also moved us to exhort your Fraternity with respect to the person of Florentius, bishop of the city of Epidaurus.  For indeed we have been told that he had been accused on certain criminal charges, and that, without any canonical proof being sought, and without previous sentence of any sacerdotal council, he has been deposed from his office of dignity, not by law, but by authority.  Inasmuch, then, as no man can be removed from the rank of episcopacy except for just causes by the concordant sentence of priests, we exhort your Fraternity to cause the aforesaid man to be recalled from the banishment into which he has been driven, and his case enquired into in a consultation of bishops.  And, should he be convicted by canonical proof of the charges brought against him, without doubt he must be visited with canonical punishment.  But, should the facts be found by the synodical inquisition to be otherwise than had been supposed, it is necessary both that his accusers should dread the rigour of justice, and that the incriminated person should have the approbation of his innocence preserved inviolate.  But we have committed by our order the execution of the above-mentioned business to Antoninus, our subdeacon, to the end that decisions may be come to in accordance with the laws and 127bcanons, and, with the help of the Lord, be carried into effect.

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