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Epistle XXIX.

To Maurilius and Vitalianus14161416    Cf. II. 3..

Gregory to Maurilius and Vitalianus, magistris militum.

On receiving your Glory’s letters we gave thanks to God that we were assured of your safety; and we greatly rejoiced at your careful provision; and what you wrote about was at once prepared.  But the magnificent Aldio wrote to us after the arrival of your men that Ariulph was already near at hand, and we feared that the soldiers sent to you might fall into his hands.  Yet here also, so far as God may give aid, our son the glorious magister militum has prepared himself against him.  But, if the enemy himself should advance hither, let your Glory also, as you have been accustomed to do, accomplish what you can in his rear.  For we hope in the power of Almighty God, and that of the blessed Peter himself, the Prince of the apostles, on whose anniversary he desires to shed blood, that he may find him also without delay opposed to him.

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