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101bBook II.

Epistle III.

To Velox, Magister Militium.

Gregory to Velox, &c.

We informed your Glory some time ago that soldiers had been prepared to come to your parts; but, inasmuch as your letter had signified to us that the enemy were collected and were marching hitherward, we for this reason have detained them here.  But now it appears to be advantageous that a certain number of soldiers should be sent to you, whom let thy Glory be careful to admonish and exhort to be prepared for toil.  And, when you find an opportunity, confer with our glorious sons Maurilius and Vitalianus, and do whatever, with the help of God, they may appoint you to do for the advantage of the republic.  And, should you ascertain that the unspeakable Ariulph13951395    Ariulph was the Lombard Duke of Spoletum, one of the principal cities in Italy occupied by the Lombards.  For further reference to him cf. II. 29, 30, 46; IX. 98.  He was at this time preparing, and suspected by Gregory of such intention, for an attack on Rome.  Cf. Prologom.  Velox (to whom this letter is addressed), and Maurilius and Vitalian (alluded to in it, and addressed in Epp. 29, 30), were Roman Generals (magistri militum) in command of imperial forces:  but where they were is not apparent.  From an allusion to Suana (or Soana) as within reach of the last two they may be supposed to have been somewhere in Tuscia. is making an incursion hitherward or to the parts about Ravenna, do you labour in his rear, as becomes brave men, to the end that your renown may by God’s help advance still more in the republic from the quality of your labour.  This, however, before all, we admonish you to do:  to release without any delay or excuse the family of Maloin and Adobin, Vigild and Grussing13961396    Apparently a familia of slaves belonging to Velox, but at this time with Maurilius., who are known to be with the glorious Magister militum Maurilius, to the end that the men of the aforesaid Maurilius, when they come to your parts, may without any impediment march along with them.

[In Colbert. and Paul. diac., Die. V. Kal. Oct. Indict. 10.]

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