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Epistle XXXIX.

To Anthemius, Subdeacon13381338    He was the subdeacon who had charge of the patrimony in Campania, as appears from other letters to him (see Index of Epistles)..

Gregory to Anthemius, &c.

We charged thee on thy departure, and remember to have afterwards enjoined on thee by letter, to take care of the poor, and, if thou shouldest find any in those parts to be in want, to inform me by letter:  and thou hast been at pains to do this with regard to very few.  Now, I desire that, as soon as thou hast received this present order, thou offer to Pateria, my father’s sister, forty solidi for shoe-money for her boys, and four hundred modii of wheat; to the lady Palatina, the widow of Urbicus, twenty solidi and three hundred modii of wheat; to the lady Viviana, widow of Felix, twenty solidi and three hundred modii of wheat.  And let all these eighty solidi be charged together in thy accounts.  But bring hither with speed the sum of thy receipts, and be here, with the Lord’s help, by Easter Day.

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