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Epistle LVIII.

To Arsicinus Duke, the Clergy, Nobility, and Common People (ordini et plebi) of the City of Ariminum.

Gregory to Arsicinus, &c.

How ready is the devotion of your love in expectation of a pontiff the text of the report which you have addressed to us shews.  But, since the ordainer ought in such cases to be exceedingly careful, we are watching over this case with due deliberation.  And so we warn your Charity by this present writing that no 96bone need trouble himself to apply to us in favour of Ocleatinus:  but, if any one is found in your own city to undertake this work with profit, so that he cannot be objected to by us, let your choice concur in his favour.  But, if no one should be found fit for it, we have mentioned to the bearers of these presents one to whom you may no less accord your consent.  But do you with one accord pray faithfully, that, whosoever may be ordained, he may be able both to be profitable to you and to display priestly service worthy of our God.

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