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Epistle LXXX.

To the Clergy and Nobles of Corsica.

Gregory to the Clergy, &c…A paribus13931393    See I, 25, note 8..

Although for a long time it has caused you no sorrow that the Church of God should be without a pontiff, yet as for us, we are both compelled by the charge of the office we bear and bound especially by the charity of our love for you, to take thought for its government, knowing that in its supervision lies at the same time advantage to your souls.  For, if the care of a shepherd be wanting to a flock, it easily falls into the snares of the lier in wait.  Accordingly, inasmuch as the church of Saona has long been deprived of the aid of a priest, we have held it necessary to constitute Martinus, our brother and fellow-bishop, cardinal priest of the same13941394    See note under Ep. LXXIX., but to enjoin on Leo our brother and fellow-bishop the work of its visitation.  To the latter we have also granted licence to ordain presbyters and deacons in it and in its parishes, and have permitted him to make use of its property so long as be shall be there, as though he were its proper pontiff.  And so we admonish you by these present writings that your Charity receive the aforesaid visitor with all devotion, and shew him obedience in whatever is reasonable, as becomes sons of the Church, to the end that, supported by your devotion, he may be able to accomplish all that is found to conduce to the advantage of the above-named church.

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