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329 or 330.  St. Basil born.

335.  Council of Tyre.

336.  Death of Arius.

337.  Death of Constantine.

340.  Death of Constantine II.

341.  Dedication creed at Antioch.

343.  Julian and Gallus relegated to Macellum.

           Basil probably sent from Annen to school at Cæsarea.

344.  Macrostich, and Council of Sardica.

346.  Basil goes to constantinople.

350.  Death of Constans.

351.  Basil goes to constantinople.

         1st Creed of Sirmium.

353.  Death of Magnentius.

355.  Julian goes to Athens (latter part of year).

356.  Basil returns to Cæsarea.

357.  The 2d Creed of Sirmium, or Blasphemy, subscribed by Hosius and Liberius.

           Basil baptized, and shortly afterwards ordained reader.

358.  Basil visits monastic establishments in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Mesopotamia, and retires to the monastery on the Iris.

359.  The 3d Creed of Sirmium.  Dated May 22.  Councils of Seleucia and Ariminum.

360.  Acacian synod of Constantinople.

           Basil, now ordained Deacon, disputes with Aetius.

         Dianius subscribes the Creed of Ariminum, and

           Basil in consequence leaves Cæsarea.

           He visits Gregory at Nazianzus.

361.  Death of Constantius and accession of Julian.

          Basil writes the “Moralia.”

362.  Basil returns to Cæsarea.

         Dianius dies.  Eusebius baptized, elected, and consecrated bishop.

         Lucifer consecrates Paulinus at Antioch.

         Julian at Cæsarea.  Martyrdom of Eupsychius.

363.  Julian dies (June 27).  Accession of Jovian.

364.  Jovian dies.  Accession of Valentinian and Valens.

          Basil ordained priest by Eusebius.

          Basil writes against Eunomius.

          Semiarian council of Lampsacus.

365.  Revolt of Procopius.

        Valens at Cæsarea.

366.  Semiarian deputation to Rome satisfy Liberius of their orthodoxy.

        Death of Liberius.  Damasus bp. of Rome.

        Procopius defeated.

367.  Gratian Augustus.

        Valens favours the Arians.

        Council of Tyana.

368.  Semiarian Council in Caria.  Famine in Cappadocia

369.  Death of Emmelia.  Basil visits Samosata.

370.  Death of Eusebius of Cæsarea

           Election and consecration of Basil to the see of Cæsarea.

xii          Basil makes visitation tour.

371. Basil threatened by arian bishops and by modestus.

          Valens, travelling slowly from Nicomedia to Cæsarea, arrives at the end of the year.

372.  Valens attends great service at Cæsarea on the Epiphany, Jan. 6.

          Interviews between Basil and Valens.

          Death of Galates.

         Valens endows Ptochotrophium and quits Cæsarea.

          Basil visits Eusebius at Samosata.

          Claim of Anthimus to metropolitan dignity at Tyana.

          Basil resists Anthimus.

          Basil Forces Gregory of Nazianzus to be consecrated bishop of Sasima, and consecrates his brother Gregory to Nyssa.  Consequent estrangement of Basil and Gregory of Nazianzus.

          Basil in Armenia.  Creed signed by Eustathius.

373.  St. Epiphanius writes the “Ancoratus.”

         Death of Athanasius.

           Basil visited by Jovinus of Perrha, and by Sanctissimus of Antioch.

374.  Death of Auxentius and consecration of Ambrose at Milan.

          Basil writes the “De Spiritu Sancto.”

         Eusebius of Samosata banished to Thrace.

         Death of Gregory, bp. of Nazianzus, the elder.

375.  Death of Valentinian.  Gratian and Valentinian II. emperors.

         Synod of Illyria, and Letter to the Orientals.

         Semiarian Council of Cyzicus.

        Demosthenes harasses the Catholics.

        Gregory of Nyssa deposed.

376.  Synod of Iconium.

           Open denunciation of Eustathius by Basil.

378.  Death of Valens, Aug. 9.

        Eusebius of Samosata and Meletius return from exile.

379.  Death of Basil, Jan. 1.

        Theodosius Augustus.

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