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Letter XXXI.20062006    Placed in 369.  cf. note on Letter ccxxxvi.

To Eusebius, bishop of Samosata.

The death is still with us, and I am therefore compelled to remain where I am, partly by the duty of distribution, and partly out of sympathy for the distressed.  Even now, therefore, I have not been able to accompany our reverend brother Hypatius,20072007    Nothing more is known of this Hypatius.  Gregory of Nazianzus (Ep. 192) writes to a correspondent of the same name. whom I am able to style brother, not in mere conventional language, but on account of relationship, for we are of one blood.  You know how ill he is.  It distresses me to think that all hope of comfort is cut off for him, as those who have the gifts of healing have not been allowed to apply their usual remedies in his case.  Wherefore again he implores the aid of your prayers.  Receive my entreaty that you will give him the usual protection alike for your own sake, for you are always kind to the sick, and for mine who am petitioning on his behalf.  If possible, summon to your side the very holy brethren that he may be treated under your own eyes.  If this be impossible, be so good as to send him on with a letter, and recommend him to friends further on.

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