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Letter XLIX.21692169    Of about the same date as the preceding.

To Arcadius the Bishop.

I thanked the Holy God when I read your letter, most pious brother.  I pray that I may not be unworthy of the expectations you have formed of me, and that you will enjoy a full reward for the honour which you pay me in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I was exceedingly pleased to hear that you have been occupied in a matter eminently becoming a Christian, have raised a house to the glory of God, and have in practical earnest loved, as it is written, “the beauty of the house of the Lord,”21702170    Ps. xxvi. 8, LXX. and have so provided for yourself that heavenly mansion which is prepared in His rest for them that love the Lord.  If I am able to find any relics of martyrs, I pray that I may take part in your earnest endeavour.  If “the righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance,”21712171    Ps. cxii. 6. I shall without doubt have a share in the good fame which the Holy One will give you.

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