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Letter CXXIII.24042404    Written in 373.

To Urbicius, the monk.24052405    cf. Letter cclxii.

You were to have come to see me (and the blessing was drawing near) to cool me, aflame in my temptations, with the tip of your finger.  What then?  My sins stood in the way and hindered your start, so that I am sick without a remedy.  Just as when the waves are round us, one sinks and another rises, and another looms black and dreadful, so of my troubles:  some have ceased, some are with me, some are before me.  As is generally the case, the one remedy for these troubles is to yield to the crisis and withdraw from my persecutors.  Yet come to me, to console, to advise, or even to travel with me; in any case you will make me better for the mere sight of you.  Above all, pray, and pray again, that my reason be not whelmed 194by the waves of my troubles; pray that all through I may keep a heart pleasing to God, that I be not numbered with the wicked servants, who thank a master when he gives them good, and refuse to submit when he chastises them by adversity; but let me reap benefit from my very trials, trusting most in God when I need Him most.

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