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Letter CLXXXV.26032603    Placed in 374.

To Theodotus, bishop of Beræa.26042604    Nothing more is known of this Theodotus.

Although you do not write to me, I know that there is recollection of me in your heart; and this I infer, not because I 223am worthy of any favourable recollection, but because your soul is rich in abundance of love.  Yet, as far as in you lies, use whatever opportunities you have of writing to me, to the end that I may both be cheered by hearing news of you, and have occasion to send you tidings of myself.  This is the only mode of communication for those who live far apart.  Do not let us deprive one another of it, so far as our labours will permit.  But I pray God that we may meet in person, that our love may be increased, and that we may multiply gratitude to our Master for His greater boons.

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