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Letter CLXVII.25552555    Placed in 374.

To Eusebius, bishop of Samosata.

I am delighted at your remembering me and writing, and, what is yet more important, at your sending me your blessing in your letter.  Had I been but worthy of your labours and of your struggles in Christ’s cause, I should have been permitted to come to you and embrace you, and to take you as a model of patience.  But since I am not worthy of this, and am detained by many afflictions and much occupation, I do what is next best.  I salute your excellency, and beseech you not to grow weary of remembering me.  For the honour and pleasure of receiving your letters is not only an advantage to me, but it is a ground of boasting and pride before the world that I should be held in honour by one whose virtue is so great, and who is in such close communion with God as to be able, alike by his teaching and example, to unite others with him in it.

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