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Letter CCIX.27672767    Placed in 375.

Without address.

It is your lot to share my distress, and to do battle on my behalf.  Herein is proof of your manliness.  God, who ordains our lives, grants to those who are capable of sustaining great fights greater opportunity of winning renown.  You truly have risked your own life as a test of your valour in your friend’s behalf, like gold in the furnace.  I pray God that other men may be made better; that you may remain what you are, and that you will not cease to find fault with me, as you do, and to charge me with not writing often to you, as a wrong on my part which does you very great injury.  This is an accusation only made by a friend.  Persist in demanding the payment of such debts.  I am not so very unreasonable in paying the claims of affection.

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