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Letter CCLV.31213121    Placed in 376.

To Vitus, bishop of Charræ.31223122    cf. Letter xcii. p. 177.  Vitus of Charræ (Haran) was bishop of Constantinople in 381.  (Labbe, ii. 955.)  cf. Sozomen, H.E. vi. 33.

Would that it were possible for me to write to your reverence every day!  For ever since I have had experience of your affection I have had great desire to converse with you, or, if this be impossible, at least to communicate with you by letter, that I may tell you my own news and learn in what state you are.  Yet we have not what we wish but what the Lord gives, and this we ought to receive with gratitude.  I have therefore thanked the holy God for giving me an opportunity for writing to your reverence on the arrival of our very well beloved and reverend brother Sanctissimus, the presbyter.  He has had considerable trouble in accomplishing his journey, and will tell you with accuracy all that he has learnt in the West.  For all these things we ought to thank the Lord and to beseech Him to give us too the same peace and that we may freely receive one another.  Receive all the brethren in Christ in my name.

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