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Basil to Libanius.

Lo and behold, yet another Cappadocian has come to you; a son of my own!  Yet my present position makes all men my sons.  On this ground he may be regarded as a brother of the former one, and worthy of the same attention alike from me his father, and from you his instructor—if really it is possible for these young men, who come from me, to obtain any further favours.  I do not mean that it is not possible for your excellency to give anything more to your old comrades, but because your services are so lavishly bestowed upon all.  It will be sufficient for the lad before he gets experience if he be numbered among those who are intimately known to you.  I trust you may send him back to me worthy of my prayers and of your great reputation in learning and eloquence.  He is accompanied by a young man of his own age, and of like zeal for instruction; a youth of good family, and closely associated with myself.  I am sure he will be in every way as well treated, though his means are smaller than is the case with the rest.

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