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Ep. LII.

(Nicobulus asked Gregory to publish a collection of his letters.  Gregory forwards a copy.)

You are asking flowers from an autumn meadow, and arming Nestor in his old age, in demanding from me now something clever in the way of language, after I have long neglected all that is enjoyable in language and in life.  But yet (since it is not an Eurysthean or Herculean labour that you are imposing on me, but rather one which is very agreeable and quiet, to collect for you as many of my own letters as I can), do you place this volume among your books—a work not amatory but oratorical, and not for display so much as for use, and that for our own home.47804780    I.e. as a model of Christian style.  For different authors have different characteristics, greater or smaller.  Mine is a tendency to instruct by maxims and positive statements wherever opportunity occurs.  And as in a legitimate child, so also in language, the father is always visible, not less than parents are shewn by bodily characteristics.  Mine are such as I have mentioned.  You may repay me both by writing and by deriving profit from what I have written.  I cannot ask for or request any better reward than this, either more profitable to the asker, or more becoming him who gives it.

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