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(The Armenian referred to is probably Eustathius Bishop of Sebaste, the capital of Armenia Minor.  He had been a disciple of Arius, but more than once professed the Nicene Faith, changing his opinions with his company.  His personal character however stood very high, and for a long time S. Basil regarded him with affectionate esteem.  Indeed S. Basil’s Rule for Monks is based on one drawn up by him.  But after Basil’s elevation to the Episcopate Eustathius began to oppose him and to calumniate him on all sides, and even entered openly into communion with the Arians.  It would seem that this man tried to get Amphilochius round to his side, and through him Gregory.)

The Injunction of your inimitable Honour is not barbaric, but Greek, or rather christian; but as for the Armenian on whom you pride yourself so, he is a downright barbarian, and far from our honour.

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