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(The following letter is sometimes attributed to Basil, and is found in his works as well as in those of Gregory.  The mss. however, with only a single exception, give it to the latter.)

You give me pleasure both by writing and remembering me, and a much greater pleasure by sending me your blessing in your letter.  But if I were worthy of your sufferings and of your conflicts for Christ and through Christ I should have been counted worthy also to come to you, to embrace Your Piety, and to take example by your patience in your sufferings.  But since I am not worthy of this, being troubled with many afflictions and hindrances I do what is next best.  I address Your Perfection, and I beg you not to be weary of remembering me.  For to be deemed worthy of your letters is not only profitable to me, but is also a matter to boast of to many people, and is an honour, because I am considered by a man of so great virtue, and such near relations with God, that he can bring others also by word and example into relation to Him.

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