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Ep. LX.  To Basil.

(Gregory was not able, owing to the serious illness of his Mother, to carry out the promise at the end of Ep. LIX.; so he writes to explain and excuse himself.)

The Carrying Out of your bidding depends partly on me; but partly, and I venture to think principally, on your Reverence.  What depends on me is the good will and eagerness, for I never yet avoided meeting you, but have always sought opportunities, and at the present moment am even more desirous of doing so.  What depends on your Holiness is that my affairs be set straight.  For I am sitting by my lady Mother, who has for a long time been suffering from illness.  And if I could leave her out of danger you might be well assured that I would not deprive myself of the pleasure of going to you.  So give me the help of your prayers for her restoration to health, and for my journey to you.

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