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Dates of Treatises, &c., Here Translated.

(Based on Heyns and Rupp.)

331. Gregory Born.

360. Letters x. xi. xv.

361. Julian’s edict. Gregory gives up rhetoric.

362. Gregory in his brother’s monastery.

363. Letter vi. (probably)

368. On Virginity.

369. Gregory elected a reader.

372. Gregory elected Bishop of Nyssa early in this year.

374. Gregory is exiled under Valens.

375. On the Faith. On “Not three Gods.”

376. Letters vii. xiv. On the Baptism of Christ.

377. Against Macedonius.

378. Gregory Returns to his See. Letter iii.

379. On Pilgrimages.33    Rupp places this after the Council of Constantinople, 381. Letters i., v., viii., ix., xvi. are also probably after 381.

Letter ii.

380. On the Soul and the Resurrection.

On the Making of Man.

On the Holy Trinity.

381. Gregory present at the Second Council. Oration on Meletius.

382–3. Against Eunomius, Books I–XII.

383. Present at Constantinople. Letter xxi.

384. Answer to Eunomius’ Second Book.

385. The Great Catechism.

386. Letter xiii.

390. Letter iv.

393. Letter to Flavian.

394. Present for Synod at Constantinople.

395. On Infant’s Early Deaths.

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