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I. Sources and Literature.11    All works marked with a star in Chevalier’s list were used in the present edition, and all but two or three of those added to the list of Chevalier.

U. Chevalier in his Repertoire des sources historiques du Moyen Age gives the following list of authorities on Socrates Scholasticus.

Baronius:* Ann. [1593] 439, 39. Cf. Pagi, Crit. [1689] 9, 11, 427, 15–6.

Bellarmin Labbé: S. E. [1728] 164.

Brunet:* Manuel [1864] V. 425.

Cave:* S. E. [1741] I. 427.

Ceillier:* Hist. Aut. Eccl. [1747] XIII. p. 669–88. (2 a VIII. 514–25.)

Darling:* Cyclopædia Bibliographica; Authors.

Du Pin:* Bibl. Aut Eccl. [1702] III. ii. 183.

Ebed-Jesu: Cat. Scr. Eccl 29. (Assemani: Bibl. Orient. III. 141.)

Fabricius:* Bibl. Græc. [1714] VI. 117–21. (2 a VII. 423–7.)

Graesse:* Trésor [1865] VI. 1, 429.

Hoffmann: Lex. Bibl. Gr. [1836] III. 625–6.

Holzhausen: Commentatio de fontibus quibus Socrates, Sozomenus ac Theodoretus usi sunt, &c. Götting. 1825.


Nouvelle Biog. Gen.:* [1868] XLIV. 127–8.

Nolte:22    Nolte’s article is on the textual emendations needed in the edition of Socrates. The text of our historian has not been as thoroughly and completely examined and corrected as other writings. Valesius’ edition (Hussey) gives an account of a few mss. examined by himself; nothing further has been done of any importance. It is to be hoped that Gebhardt and Harnack may find it convenient to incorporate a new collation and revision in their Texte und Untersuchungen. Tübing. Quartalschrift [1860] 518; [1861] 417–51.

Patrologia Græca* (Migné) LXVII. 9–26.

Sigebert: Gembl. S. E. 10.

Tillemont:33    All works marked with a star in Chevalier’s list were used in the present edition, and all but two or three of those added to the list of Chevalier. Hist. des Emp. [1738] VI. 119–22.

Trithemius: Scr. Eccl. 137.

Vossius: Hist. Græca [1651] 259.

Walford:44    E. Walford, A.M., appears as the translator of Sozomen, not of Socrates. See IV. of Introduction, note 6. in Bohn’s Eccl. Libr. VI. 1853.

To these there should be added important notices of Socrates or his Ecclesiastical History as follows:

F. C Baur: Die Epochen der Kirchlichen Geschichtschreibung Tübing. 1852, p. 7–32.

J. G. Dowling: An Introduction to the Critical Study of Ecclesiastical History.

Ad. Harnack: In Herzog-Plitt’s Real Enkyclop. vol. 14, Sokrates und Sozomenos and in Encyclop. Britannica, Socrates.

K. O. Müller: History of Greek Literature: English translation and continuation by Donaldson, Vol. III.

Rössler: Bibliothek der Kirchenväter.

Jeep: Quellenuntersuchungen zu der griech. Kirchenhistorikern. Leipsic, 1884.

Sarrazin: De Theodoro Lectore, Theophanis Fonte præcipuo, 1881.

Stäudlin: Gesch. und Literatur der Kirchen-geschichte, 1827.

Overbeck: Theol. Liter.-Zeitung, 1879. No. 20.

Also articles on Socrates in Smith’s Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (by John Calrow Means) and Smith & Wace: Dictionary of Christian Biography (William Milligan), as well as passing notices in standard ecclesiastical histories such as Neander, Hase, Killen, Schaff, &c., and Introductory notices of Valesius (Hussey), Parker, Bright, &c.

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