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402Bishops of Antioch.

(Dates taken from the table given by Harnack in his Zeit des Ignatius, p. 62.)


Zebinus, died between 238 and 249.


Babylas, died in 250, during the persecution of Decius.


Fabius, died toward the end of 252 or early in 253.


Demetrian, died between 257 and 260.


Paul, deposed between 266 and 269 (probably in 268).

Theophilus, died not earlier than 182.


Maximinus, died between 189 and 192.

Timæus, died about 280.

Serapion, died about 209.

Cyril, sent to the mines in 303, and died probably toward the end of 306.

Asclepiades, died between 211 and 222.

Tyrannus, succeeded Cyril probably in 303, possibly not until 306, and lived until the close of the persecution.

Philetus, died not long before 229–231.

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