LINDSAY, THOMAS MARTIN: United Free Church of Scotland; b. the son of Rev. A. Lindsay, 1843. He received his education at the University of Edinburgh; became examiner to the same institution, where he was later assistant to the professor of logic and metaphysics; became professor of church history in the Free Church College, Glasgow, 1872; and principal of the United Free Church College, Glasgow, 1902. He was also for fifteen years convener of the Foreign Mission Committee of the Free Church of Scotland. Among his publications are handbooks on Acts (Edinburgh, 1884-85), Mark (1884), Luke (1887), and on the Reformation (1882); Luther and the German Reformation (1900); The Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries (Cunningham lectures, London, 1902); and History of the Reformation (2 vols., Edinburgh, 1906-07).


LINDSEY, THEOPHILUS: English Unitarian; b. at Middlewich (21 m. e. of Chester) June 20, 1723; d. in London Nov. 3, 1808. He was educated at Leeds and at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he was elected fellow in 1747. He became curate of a chapel in Spital Square, London, and shortly afterward was made chaplain to the duke of Somerset, to whose son, the future second duke of Northumberland, he was tutor from 1750 to 1753. He was then presented to the rectory of Kirkby Wiske, Yorkshire, but resigned three years later to become rector of Piddletown, Dorset. In 1762 he declined the proffered chaplaincy to the duke of Northumberland and in the following year accepted the rectory of Catterick, Yorkshire. Meanwhile the latitudinarianism which had hitherto characterized him had become Unitarianism, largely through the influence of his wife's stepfather, Archdeacon Francis Blackburne. On Nov. 28, 1773, he preached his farewell sermon at Catterick and went to London, where he began to preach Unitarianism, a permanent chapel being opened for him in 1778; he remained there until his resignation in 1793. His chief works are: The Book of Common Prayer Reformed (London 1774); Apology on Resigning the Vicarage of Catterick, Yorkshire (1774); A Sequel to the Apology (1776); The Catechist, or an Inquiry into the Doctrine of the Scriptures concerning the Only True God (1781); Historical View of the State of the Unitarian Doctrine and Worship (1783); Vindicię Priestleyanę (2 parts, 1784-90); Conversations on Christian Idolatry (1792); and Conversations on the Divine Government (1802).

BIBLIOGRAPHY: T. Belsham, Memoirs of Revd. T. Lindsey, Centenary Volume, London, 1873; DNB, xxxiii. 317, 318.


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