KAPFF, SIXT KARL: German Protestant; b. at Güglingen (20 m. n.w. of Stuttgart), Württemberg, Oct. 22 1805; d. in Stuttgart Sept. 1, 1879. From early childhood he was religiously disposed,


and at the University of Tübingen he engaged in daily prayer with his intimate friend, Wilhelm Hofacker. After filling the positions of vicar at Tuttlingen, teacher in the Fellenberg school at Hofwyl, Switzerland, and repetent in Tübingen, he became, in 1833, pastor of the colony of Pietists at Kornthal, near Stuttgart. In 1843 he was made Dekan at Münsingen, and in 1847 at Herrenberg. He was transferred to Reutlingen in 1850, and to Stuttgart in 1852, where, for the remainder of his life he was Prälat and the greatly beloved and influential pastor of the Stiftskirche.

Kapff combined the genial manners, trustfulness, and sympathetic warmth of the Swabian character. He was a friend to ministers all over Württemberg, and attracted all classes who had an interest in religion. As a preacher, he did not represent any sharply defined theological or ecclesiastical tendency. His sermons had much of the supernaturalism of the old Tübingen school, but more warmth and sympathy than belonged to it. He had an eye to the domestic and social wants of his people, and drew largely upon his every-day intercourse with them for his subjects. He also took a warm interest in the ecclesiastical affairs of Wurttemberg, and in foreign missions as advanced by the missionary institution in Basel. For more than a quarter of a century, he was the center of the pious circles of the land.

The best known of his publications are: Gebetbuch (Stuttgart, 1835; 21st ed., 1905); Communionbuch (1840; 24th ed., 1901); Das kleine Communionbuch (1841; 36th ed., 1905); Warnung eines Jugendfreundes (1841; 20th ed., 1902); Achtzig Predigten über die alten Episteln (1851; 6th ed., 1879); 83 Predigten über die alten Evangelien (1862; 6th ed., 1876); and Casualreden (ed. C. Kapff, 1880).


BIBLIOGRAPHY: C. Kapff, Lebensbild von Sixt Karl Kapff, 2 vols., Stuttgart, 1881 (by his son).



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