JUXON, WILLIAM: Archbishop of Canterbury; b. at Chichester (57 m. s.w. of London), baptized in Oct., 1582; d. in London June 4, 1663. He received his education at St. John's College, Oxford; became vicar of St. Giles, Oxford, 1609] rector of Somerton, Oxfordshire, 1615; head of St. John's, 1622, and vice-chancellor 1626-27, and in 1626, dean of Worcester; became bishop of London in 1633; on Mar. 6, 1635-36, he became lord high treasurer, a difficult post; he attended Charles I. to the scaffold as his most faithful servant; was deprived of his see in 1649; and in 1660 was recognized as the only eligible candidate for the primacy, and was elected. He left a well-deserved reputation for strict honesty, loyalty to Church and king, and great charity to the poor.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: W. H. Marah, Memoirs of Archbishop Juxon, London, 1869; DNB, xxx. 233-237.




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