IVO, î"vo', OF CHARTRES (IVO or YVO CARNOTENSIS): Bishop of Chartres (47 m. s.w. of Paris); b. in the district of Beauvais c. 1040; d. Dec. 23, 1116. He studied under Lanfranc at Bec, became a canon at Nesle in Picardy, then provost of the abbey of St. Quentin in Beauvais c. 1078, and bishop of Chartres in 1090. As the bishop before him had been deposed for simony, and commanded some support, Ivo's election was contested; but his cause was espoused by Pope Urban II., who had given him consecration. The same pope protected him when subjected to arrest by King Philip I. of France, because Ivo had not acquiesced in the repudiation of Queen Bertha, and the king's liaison with Countess Bertrada of Anjou. In the investiture strife (see INVESTITURE), Ivo took a stand of sagacious mediation between the rights of the State and the Church (cf. his Epist. ad Hugonem archiepiscopum Lugdunensem in MGH, Lib. de lite, ii., 1893, pp. 642, 649, and his letter of 1106 to Pope Paschal II. in MPL, clxii. 19). When subsequently Paschal II. was sharply attacked for his attitude to Emperor Henry V., in the year 1111, Ivo vindicated him, and frustrated the design of Archbishop Joscerannus of Lyons, who aimed to have Paschal's concessions to Henry adjudged heretical by means of a great French council (MGH, ut sup., pp. 649 sqq.). Ivo was highly esteemed in France, and was also on friendly terms with Anselm of Canterbury. The date of his canonization is uncertain; his day is May 20.

The most important among Ivo's writings are his collections of canons, wherein he anticipated Gratian, the Collectio tripartita, the Decretum, and the Panormia. Both as reflecting his own life and as bearing upon the history of his time, his letters are of weight; and there are also twenty-four of his sermons preserved, some of which are detailed treatises on dogmatic and liturgical questions. He also wrote against Berengar of Tours. Certain historical works of his friend, Hugo of Fleury, have been attributed to him erroneously.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: The works, first printed Paris, 1647, are reprinted with a life in MPL, clxi.-clxii. Consult: A. Abry, Yvea de Chartres, sa vie et ses ouvrages, Strasburg, 1841; F. Ritzke, De Ivone, episcopo Carnotensi, Wratislaw, 1863; J. Dombrowski, Ivo, Bischof von Chartres, sein Leben und Wirken, Breslau, 1881; A. Sieber, Bischof Ivo von Chartres, Königsberg, 1895; R. von Scherer, Handbuch des Kirchenrechts, vol. i., 53, Graz, 1886; C. Mirbt, Die Publizistik im Zeitalter Gregors VII., pp. 512 sqq., Leipsic, 1894; F. Fournier, Les Collections canoniques attribuées à Yves de Chartres, in Bibliothèque de l'école des Chartres, vols. lvii.-lviii., 1896-97; idem, Yves de Chartres et le droit canonique, in Revue des questions historiques, lxvii., 1898; Hauck, KD, iii. 862, 904, 914; and literature indicated in Richardson, Encyclopædia, p. 515.



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