The following list of books is supplementary to the bibliographies given at the end of the articles contained in volumes I.-VI., and brings the literature down to November, 1909. In this list each title entry is printed in capital letters.

APOCRYPHA: B. Pick, The Apocryphal Acts, Chicago, 1909.

ARABIA: U. Chauvin, Bibliographie des ouvrages Arabes ou relatifs aux Arabes publiés dans l'Europe chrétienne de 1810 à 1885. XI. Mahomet, Leipsic; 1909.

ARCHITECTURE: E. H. Day, Gothic Architecture in England, Oxford, 1909.

I. B. S. Holborn, An Introduction to the Architectures of European Religions, Edinburgh, 1909.

ARMENIA: L. Arpee, The Armenian Awakening, Chicago, 1909.

ATONEMENT: W. L. Walker, The Gospel of Reconciliation or Atonement, Edinburgh, 1909.

BIBLE TEXT: J. Drummond, The Transmission of the Text of the New Testament, London, 1909.

E. Kautsch, Die Evangelienzitate des Origens, Leipsic, 1909.

W. O. E. Oesterley, Our Bible Text; some Recently discovered Bible Documents, London, 1909.

BIBLICAL INTRODUCTION: F. Egger, Absolute Oder relative Wahrheit der heiligen Schrift? Dogmatisch-kritische Untersuchung einer neuen Theorie, Brixen, 1909.

A. S. Geden, Outlines of Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, London, 1909.

E. Jacquier, Histoire des livres du Nouveau Testament, 4 vols., Paris, 1904-1909.

A. S. Peake, A Critical Introduction to the New Testament, London, 1909.

T. Zahn, Introduction to the New Testament (Eng. transl. under the direction . . . of M. W, Jacobus, assisted by C. S, Thayer), 3 vols., Edinburgh, 1909.

BIBLICAL THEOLOGY: W. T. Adeney, The New Testament Doctrine of Christ, Edinburgh, 1909.

J. Stalker, The Ethic of Jesus according to the Synoptic Gospels, London, 1909.

G. Westphal, Jahwes Wohnstätten nach den Anschauungen der alten Hebräer, Giessen, 1908.

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J. Webster, The Revival in Manchuria, London,1909.

CHRISTIAN SOCIALISM: C. B. Thompson, The Churches and the Wage Earners, London, 1909.

W. Rausehenbusch, Christianity and the Social Crisis, New York, 1907.

CHRISTMAS: F. Keppel, Christmas in Art; the Nativity as depicted by Artists in the 15th and 16th Centuries, New York, 1909.

H. W. Mabie, The Book of Christmas, New York, 1909.

CHURCH HISTORY: H. M. Gwatkin, Early Church History to A. D. 313, 2 vols., London, 1909.

L. Ragg, The Church of the Apostles, New York, 1909.

CHURCH, R. W.: D. C. Lathbury, Dean Church, London, 1909.

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CREATION: D. L. Holbrook, Panorama of Creation, Philadelphia, 1909.

E. O. James, God's Eight Days of Creation, London, 1909.

DENNEY, J.: Jesus and the Gospel, New York, 1909.

DISCIPLES OF CHRIST: J. H. Garrison The Story of a Century. A brief historical Sketch and Exposition of the Religious Movement inaugurated by Thomas and Alexander Campbell, St. Louis, 1909.

DODS, M.: Footsteps in the Path of Life, New York, 1909.

DRUIDS: W. F. Tamblyn, in Am. Hist. Rev., Oct., 1909, pp. 21-36 (gathers scattered references).

EDWARDS, J., THE ELDER: In Heavenly Heretics, by L. P. Powell, New York, 1909.


ETHICS: R. L. Ottley, Christian Ideas and Ideals, London, 1909.

H. H. Seullard, Early Christian Ethics in the West, London, 1909.

EVERETT, C. C.: Theism and the Christian Faith, New York, 1909.

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FICHTE, J. G.: A biographical introduction, by E. Ritchie, is prefixed to the Vocation of Man, Chicago, 1906.

FINDLAY, G. G.: Fellowship in the Life Eternal, New York, 1909.

FORSYTH, P. T.: The Cruciality of the Cross, New York, 1909.

FRANCE: J. W. Thompson, The Wars of Religion in France, 1559-76, Chicago, 1909.

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GALILEE: E. W. G. Masterman, Studies in Galilee, Chicago, 1909.

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GEIL, W. E.: The Great Wall of China, New York, 1909.

GERHARDT, P.: Two new eds. of the poems are by W. Nelle, Hamburg, 1907, and W. Tümpel, Gütersloh, 1907.

GLADDEN, W.: Recollections of Washington Gladden, Boston, 1909.

GOD: J. Warsehauer, Problems of Immanence. Studies critical and constructive, London, 1909.

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HAWAIIAN ISLANDS: S. Dibble, A History of the Sandwich Islands, Cleveland, 1909.

HEBREW LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE: J. W. Rothstein, Grundzüge des hebräischen Rhythmus und seiner Formenbildung nebst lyrischen Texten mit kritischen Kommentar, Leipsic, 1909.

HELLENISM: W. Otto, Priester and Tempel im hellenistischen Aegypten, 2 vols., Leipsic, 1908.

HERBERT, G.: Add to bibliograpy, English Works, newly arranged . . . by G. H. Palmer, 3 vols., Boston, 1905.

HERRMANN, J. G. W.: English transl. of Der Verkehr, with title Communion of the Christian with God, London, 1895, New York, 1907.

HEXATEUCH: J. Skinner, Genesis, Edinburgh and New York, 1909.

HOLY SPIRIT: H. B. Swete, The Holy Spirit in the New Testament. A Study in primitive Christian Teaching, London, 1909.

HOME MISSIONS: A. F. Beard, A Crusade of Brotherhood; a History of the American Missionary Association, Boston, 1909.

H. P. Douglass, Christian Reconstruction in the South, Boston, 1909.

HOMILETICS: F. E. Cartor, Preaching, London, 1909.

HUGUENOTS: See France, above.

HULSEAN LECTURES: J. N. Figgis, The Gospel and Human Needs. Being the Hulsean Lectures for 1908-09, London, 1909.

HYMNOLOGY: Eveline W. Brainerd, Great Hymns of the Middle Ages, New York, 1909.

IDEALISM: C. Werner, Aristote et l'idéalisme platonicien, Paris, 1909.

W. R. B. Gibson, God with us. A Study in Religious Idealism, New York, 1909.

IMMORTALITY: C. Lombroso, After Death? What? Boston, 1909.

INDIA: Linguistic Survey of India. V., 3. Tibeto-Burman Family. Part 1. General Introduction, Specimens of the Tibetan Dialects, the Himalayan Dialects, and the North Assam Group, comp. and ed. by G. A. Grierson, Calcutta, 1909.

INSCRIPTIONS: C. Wessely, Studien zur Palaeographie und Papyruskunde, vol. viii., Leipsic, 1908.

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G. Möller, Hieratische Paläographie, Leipsic, 1909.

M. von Oppenheim, Inschriften aus Syrien, Mesopotamien und Kleinasien, gesammelt auf der Forschungsreise des Jahres 1899, Leipsic, 1909.

INSPIRATION AND REVELATION: Revelation and Inspiration, London, 1909.

T. H. Sprott, Modern Study of the Old Testament and Inspiration, London, 1909.

INVESTITURE: E. Bernheim, Quellen zur Geschichte des Investiturstreites, Leipsic, 1907.

J. Drehmann, Papst Leo IX und die Simonie. Ein Beitrag zur Untersuchung der Vorgeschichte des Investiturstreites, Leipsic, 1908.

A. Scharnagl, Der Begriff der Investitur in den Quellen und der Literatur des Investiturstreites, Stuttgart, 1908.

IRENAEUS: P. Beauzart, Essai sur la théologie d'Irénée. Études d'histoire des dogmes, Paris, 1908.

ISAIAH: G. H. Box, The Book of Isaiah, London, 1908.

F. Feldmann, Der Knecht Gottes in Isaias Kap. 40-55, Freiburg, 1907.

E. Sellin, Das Rätsel des deuterojesjanischen Buches, Leipsic, 1908.

ISRAEL, HISTORY OF: A. M. Hyamson, A History of the Jews in England, London, 1908.

C. H. H. Wright, Light from Egyptian Papyri, on Jewish History before Christ, London, 1908.

A. Alt, Israel and Aegypten, Leipsic, 1909.

A. Buchler, The Political and Social Leaders of the Jewish Community of Sepphoris in the Second and Third Centuries, London, 1909.

W. Caspari, Aufkommen und Krise des israelitischen Königtums unter David, Berlin, 1909.

T. K Cheyne, The Decline and Fall of the Kingdom of Judah, London, 1908.

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S. Schechter, Some Aspects of Rabbinic Theology, London, 1909.

N. Slouschz, Judéo-Berbéres. Recherches sur les origines des juifs et du judaïsme en Afrique, Paris, 1909.


JACOB (JAMES) OF VITRY: Jacob von Vitry, Leben und Werke, in Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte des Mittelalters und der Renaissance, ed. W. Goetz, Leipsic, 1909.

JAINISM: Hem Chandra Suri, Yogosastram, in Sanskrit, ed. Muni Maharaya Sri Dharmavigay, vol. i., part 1, Calcutta, 1907.

JAMES, EPISTLE OF: J. Belzer, Die Epistel der heil. Jakobus, Freiburg, 1909.

JAPAN: M. Steichen, The Christian Daimyos: A Century of Religious and Political History in Japan (1549-1650), Tokyo, 1909.

N. G. Munro, Prehistoric Japan, London, 1908.

JEREMIAH: Commentary of R. Tobia B. Elieser on Echah. Edited for the first time from the MSS. at Cambridge, Oxford, and Munich, by A. W. Greenup, Hebrew Text, London, 1909.

C. H. Cornill Das Buch Jeremia erklärt, Leipsic, 1905.

M. Löhr Die Klagelieder des Jeremias übersetzt und erklärt, Freiburg, 1908.

JERUSALEM: C. R. Conder, The City of Jerusalem, London, 1909.

S. Margoliouth, Cairo, Jerusalem and Damascus; three chief Cities of the Egyptian Sultans, New York, 1908.

C. Mommert, Der Teich Bethesda zu Jerusalem und das Jerusalem des Pilgers von Bordeaux, Leipsic, 1907.

JESUITS: P. T. Venturi, Storia della Compagnia di Gesu in Italia; vol. i., La vita religiosa in Italia durante la prima eta dell' ordine, con appendice di documenti inediti, Milan, 1909.

JOB: Book of Job; Introduction by G. K. Chesterton, New York, 1909.

JOHN THE APOSTLE; R. Law, The Tests of Life: a Study of the First Epistle of St. John (Kerr Lectures for 1909), New York, 1909.

JOHN BAPTIST: N. Heim, Johannes. Der Vorläufer des Herrn, nach Bibel, Geschichte und Tradition dargestellt, Regensburg, 1908.

JOSEPHUS: J. Frey, Der slavische Josephusbericht über die urchristliche Geschichte nebst seiner Parallelen kritisch untersucht, Leipsic, 1908.

KEBLE, J: E. F. L. Wood, John Keble, in Leaders of the Church, 1800-1900, series ed. G. W. E. Russell, Oxford, 1909.

KINGS, BOOKS OF: F. A. Herzog, Die Chronologie der beiden Königsbücher, Münster, 1909.

LEE, J.: W. H. Meredith, Life of Jesse Lee, New York, 1909.

LEFROY, W.: H. Leeds, Life of Dean Lefroy, London, 1909.

LITURGICS: C. G. C. F. Atchley, The Ambrosian Liturgy done into English, London, 1909.

G. Rietschel, Lehrbuch der Liturgik, vol. ii., Die Kasualien, Berlin, 1909.


BASSERMANN, H. G.: d. In Samaden (70 m. s.s.e. of St. Gall), Switzerland, Aug. 30, 1909.

BELSHEIM, J.: d. at Christiania July 15, 1909.

BOEHMER E.: d. at Lichtental (a suburb of Baden) Mar. 1, 1906.

CASALI DEL DRAGO, G. B.: d. at Rome Mar. 17, 1908.

HARE W. H.: d. at Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 23, 1909.

MADSEN, P.: elected bishop of Zealand, 1909.



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