Page 1 Chamier, Daniel
Chancery, Apostolic (Cancellaria Apostolica). See Curia, § 3
Chandieu, Antoine de la Roche
Page 2 Chandler, Edward
Chandler, Samuel
Change of Confession
Page 3 Channing, William Ellery
Page 4 Channing, William Henry
Chantal, Jeanne Francoise Fremiot de. See Visitation, Order of the
Chantepie de la Saussaye, Pierre Daniel
Page 5 Chantry
Chapin, Edwin Hubbell
Page 6


Page 7 Chapman, (J) Wilbur
Page 8


Page 9


Page 10 Chapter and Verse Division in the Bible. See Bible Text, III
Page 11 Chariot. See War
Page 12 Charity, Brothers of
Charity, Christian
Charity, Sisters of
Page 13 Charlemagne
Page 14


Page 15 Charles V
Page 16


Page 17


Page 18 Charles (née Rundle), Elizabeth
Charles, Robert Henry
Charles, Saint, Sisters of Charity of. See Charity, Sisters of
Charles, Thomas
Charnock, Stephen
Page 19 Charron, Pierre
Charteris, Archibald Hamilton
Chase, Frederic Henry
Chase, Irah
Page 20 Chasidim
Page 21 Chastel, Étienne Louis
Page 22 Chasuble
Châtel, Ferdinand Francois
Chauncy, Charles
Page 23 Chautauqua Institution
Chavasse, Francis James
Chedorlaomer. See Babylonia (vol. i., p. 407, foot-note); Israel, History of, I(
Cheetham, Samuel
Page 24 Cheke, Sir John
Chemnitz (Kemnitz), Martin
Page 25 Chemosh
Page 26 Cheney, Charles Edward
Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Lord. See Deism, I., § 1
Cherethites and Pelethites
Page 27 Cherub. See Angel
Cheshire, Joseph Blount, Jr.
Cheyne, Thomas Kelly
Cheynell, Francis
Chicago-Lambeth Articles. See Fundamental Doctrines of Christianity, § 4; Lambeth Conference
Chiemsee, Bishopric of
Page 28 Children's Bibles. See Bibles for Children
Children's Communion. See Lord's Supper, V
Children's Day, Children's Services. See Sunday-schools and Children's Services
Chiliasm. See Millennium, Millenarianism
Chillingworth, William
Page 29 Chimere. See Vestments and Insignia, Ecclesiastical
Page 30


Page 31


Page 32


Page 33


Page 34


Page 35


Page 36 Chiniquy, Charles Paschal Telesphore
Page 37 Chiun. See Remphan
Choisy, Jacques Eugène
Choral. See Music, Sacred
Chorentæ. See Messalians
Christ, Brethren in. See River Brethren
Christ, Disciples of, Christians. See Disciples of Christ
Christ, Order of
Page 38 Christ, Paul
Christentumsgesellschaft, Die Deutsche
Page 39 Christian
Christian Brothers (Brothers of the Christian Schools)
Page 40 Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion
Christian Commission, The United States
Christian Connection. See Christians
Christian Doctrine, Society of
Page 41 Christian Endeavor Society. See Young People's Societies
Christian Love, Brothers of. See Hippolytus, Saint, Brothers of
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Christian Missionary Association
Christian Reformed Church. See Reformed Church, Christian
Christian Science. See Science, Christian
Page 42 Christian Socialism
Page 43


Page 44 Christian Union, The
Page 45 Christiani, Arnold
Page 46 Christians of St. John. See Mandæans
Christians of St. Thomas. See Nestorians
Christie, Francis Albert
Christlieb, Theodor
Page 47 Christmas
Page 48 Christo Sacrum