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Chambers, Talbot Wilson

CHAMBERS, TALBOT WILSON: Reformed (Dutch); b. at Carlisle, Pa., Feb. 25, 1819; d.. in New York Feb. 3, 1896. He was graduated at Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J., 1834. He studied at New Brunswick and Princeton Theological seminaries, became minister of the Second Reformed (Dutch) Church of Raritan, at Somerville, N. J., 1839, and one of the ministers of the Collegiate Reformed (Dutch) Church of New York in 1849 and continued there till his death. He was a leader in his denomination, was president of its General Synod in 1863, and for the eight years preceding his death was president of its Board of Foreign Missions; he was one of the organizers of the Presbyterian Alliance and chosen its president in 1892 and expected to preside over its sixth general council (1896). He was a member (from 1881) and president (from 1892) of the Executive Committee of the American Tract Society; chairman of the Committee on Versions of the American Bible Society; and member of the Old Testament company of the American Bible Revision Committee, being the only pastor in the Old Testament company. Besides many sermons, addresses, and miscellaneous articles, he published: The Noon Prayer Meeting, Fulton Street, New York (New York, 1858); Memoir of the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen (1863); The Psalter: a Witness to the Divine Origin of the Bible, Vedder lectures at New Brunswick, 1876 (1876); and A Companion to the Revised Old Testament (1885). He was editor of The Presbyterian and Reformed Review and of the earlier Princeton Review; translated and edited Schmoller on the Book of Amos and prepared the Book of Zechariah for the Schaff-Lange commentary (1874); edited the American edition of Meyer's commentary on I and II Corinthians (1884), and the homilies of Chrysostom on the same books for The Post-Nicene Fathers, vol. xii. (1889); suggested and with the Rev. Frank Hugh Foster contributed to the Concise Dictionary of Religious Knowledge (1889), edited by the Rev. Samuel Macauley Jackson.

Bibliography: E. B. Coe, Commemorative Discourse, New York, 1896.


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