« Cassander, Georgius Cassel, Conference of Cassel, Paulus Stephanus (Selig) »

Cassel, Conference of

CASSEL, CONFERENCE OF: A religious colloquy at Cassel, July 1–9, 1661, between certain Reformed theologians from the University of Marburg and Lutheran theologians front the University of Rinteln, arranged by Landgrave William VI. of Hesse. The aim was to bring about agreement or at least mutual toleration. They succeeded in finding some not unessential points, in the doctrines of the Lord's Supper, predestination, the person of Christ, and baptism, on which both parties agreed. It was resolved, moreover, not to revile one another in the future because of the differences still remaining, to free sermons from the burden of confessional polemics, and in any case no longer to attack an opponent personally. But this peaceful agreement did not meet with a kind reception in the rest of Germany. Frederick William, the Great Elector of Brandenburg, was, to be sure, an exception, and the Reformed party in France and Holland were inclined to come half-way; but the Lutherans rejected the arrangement absolutely. The union became the subject of lively literary combats, and the final result was a further intensification of confessional differences.

Carl Mirbt.

Bibliography E. L. T. Henke, Das Unionskolloquium zu Cassel 1661, Marburg, 1861; H. Heppe, Kirchengeschichte beider Hessen, vol. ii., ib. 1876; H. Landwehr, Die Kirchenpolitik Friedrich Wilhelms, Berlin, 1894.

« Cassander, Georgius Cassel, Conference of Cassel, Paulus Stephanus (Selig) »
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