« Cary, Alice Cary, George Lovell Cary, Henry Francis »

Cary, George Lovell

CARY, GEORGE LOVELL: Unitarian; b. at Medway, Mass., May 10, 1830. He was educated at Harvard College (B.A., 1852), and was acting professor of Greek in Antioch College, Yellow Springs, O., in 1856–57, being appointed full professor of Greek and Latin in the following year and serving in this capacity until 1862. In the latter year he was made professor of New Testament language and literature in Meadville Theological School, where he remained until 1902, when he became professor emeritus. He was also acting president of the institution in 1890–91 and president in 1891–1902. His theological position is, in general, that of modern Unitarianism. He has written: An Introduction to the Greek of the New Testament (Andover, Mass., 1878) and The Synoptic Gospels, Together with a Chapter on the Text-Criticism of the New Testament (New York, 1900).

« Cary, Alice Cary, George Lovell Cary, Henry Francis »
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