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Cardale, John Bate

CARDALE, JOHN BATE: Apostle of the Catholic Apostolic Church; b. in London Nov. 2, 1802; d. at Albury (26 m. s.w. of London), Surrey, July 18, 1877. After his schooling at Rugby he was admitted to the bar in 1822, became head of a London firm of solicitors, and retired with a competency in 1834. He had already become interested in the religious movement, originating in Scotland, known as the "Catholic Apostolic Church", whose distinguishing feature is its belief in the revival of the ministries and gifts seen in the apostolic age of the Church, especially of the ministries of apostles and prophets. Mr. Cardale was the first called of the twelve "apostles" of the Church, Henry Drummond being the second. This was in 1832, although it was not until July 14, 1835, when the number was completed, that the twelve were formally set apart to their work as an Apostolic College. Mr. Cardale was the author of a number of anonymous religious publications, the most noteworthy of which was Reagdins upon the Liturgy, London, vol. i., 1849–51, vol. ii., 1852–78. G. C. Boase, in the Dictionary of National Biography, says of him: "His strength of will, calmness and clearness of judgment, and kindness of heart and manner, added to the prestige of his long rule, made him a tower of strength. He was indefatigable in labour, of which he accomplished a vast amount; besides Latin and Greek, he was a good French and German scholar, and late in life learned Danish."

Samuel J. Andrews.

Bibliography: DNB, ix. 38–38.

« Carchemish Cardale, John Bate Cardinal »
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