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Campbell, Reginald John

CAMPBELL, REGINALD JOHN: English Congregationalist; b. at London Jan. 29, 1867. He was educated at University College, Nottingham, and Christ Church, Oxford (B.A., 1895), and entered the Congregational ministry in 1895. After being pastor of Union Church, Brighton, from 1895 to 1903, he succeeded Joseph Parker as minister of the City Temple, London, a position which he still retains. In theology he is a liberal evangelical. He has written: The Restored Innocence (London, 1898); The Making of an Apostle (1898); A Faith for Today (1900); City Temple Sermons (1903); Sermon to Young Men (1904; American edition under the title The Choice of the Highest, Chicago, 1904); Sermons Addressed to Individuals (1905); Song of Ages (1906); The New Theology (1907); New Theology Sermons (1907); Religion and Social Reform (1907).

Bibliography: A. A. Wilkerson, Reginald John Campbell, the Man and his Message, London, 1907.

« Campbell, John McLeod Campbell, Reginald John Campbellites »
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