« Burma Burmann, Frans Burn, Richard »

Burmann, Frans

BURMANN, FRANS: Dutch theologian; b. at Leyden 1628; d. at Utrecht Nov. 12, 1679. At twenty-three he took the pastoral charge of a new Dutch church at Hanau; in 1661 he became vice-rector of the college at Leyden, and the next year professor of dogmatic theology at Utrecht, combining this position with a pastoral charge there, and teaching church history also from 1671. His principal work, Synopsis theologiæ (2 vols., Utrecht, 1671–72), shows him to have been the clearest systematic thinker of the school of Cocceius. He also wrote Dutch commentaries on all the historical books of the Old Testament (collected edition Amsterdam, 1740), and several minor works.

(E. F. Karl Müller.)

« Burma Burmann, Frans Burn, Richard »
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