« Burgess, Frederick Burgess, George Burgess, Henry »

Burgess, George

BURGESS, GEORGE: First Protestant Episcopal bishop of Maine; b. at Providence, R. I., Oct. 31, 1809; d. at sea while returning from the West Indies Apr. 23, 1866. He was graduated at Brown 1826; tutor there 1829–31; studied at Bonn, Göttingen, and Berlin 1831–34; was rector of Christ Church, Hartford, 1834–47; consecrated bishop Oct. 31, 1847. He published a translation of the Psalms into English verse (New York, 1840), Pages from the Ecclesiastical History of New England between 1740 and 1840 (Boston, 1847), and other works.

Bibliography: Memoir of Life of Rev. Geo. Burgess, by his brother, A. Burgess, Philadelphia, 1869.

« Burgess, Frederick Burgess, George Burgess, Henry »
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