« Bunbury, Thomas Bund, Evangelischer Bungener (Laurent Louis), Félix »

Bund, Evangelischer

BUND, EVANGELISCHER ("Evangelical Union"): An alliance of German Protestants for maintaining Protestant interests in Germany. The occasion of the formation was the modern aggressions of the papacy (leading to the Kulturkampf) and the arrogance of Ultramontanism, the dream of which is to reestablish Catholicism in Germany. Its founder was Prof. W. Beyschlag of Halle who, finding others interested in the scheme, called a preliminary meeting at Erfurt, October 5, 1886, which was attended by seventy men representing different types of Protestant theology. After a thorough discussion, an organization was effected under the presidency of Count von Wintzingerode-Bodenstein. The confessional basis of the alliance is: "Belief in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, as the only mediator of salvation, and adherence to the principles of the Reformation." In the beginning of the year 1887 a circular containing 243 names was sent out, and when the alliance held its first annual meeting in Frankfort, August 15–17, 1887, 10,000 members were reported. The ecclesiastical authorities, who were at first indifferent, soon perceived the great importance of the Bund and expressed their approval of the purposes of the alliance, which in various ways has developed a great activity in opposition to the Roman propaganda. In public lectures the burning religious questions of the day are treated with the intention of sharpening and strengthening the Protestant consciousness. As the Bund has its own publication house at Leipsic, it publishes not only a monthly in behalf of Protestant interests, but also pamphlets intended to expose and to refute the claims of Ultramontanism and to repel attacks, especially directed against the memory and work of Luther and Gustavus Adolphus. The Bund has also the practical end of affording material help to weak institutions in the "Diaspora." The effect of the Bund is felt by the Ultramontanes, and their attacks upon it only show its necessity.

(W. Beyschlag†.)

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« Bunbury, Thomas Bund, Evangelischer Bungener (Laurent Louis), Félix »
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