« Buchwald, Georg Apollo Buck, Charles Buckland, Augustus Robert »

Buck, Charles

BUCK, CHARLES: English Independent; b. at Hillsley (15 m. n.e. of Bristol), Gloucestershire, 1771; d. in London Aug. 11, 1815. He held pastorates at Sheerness and London. He is mentioned for his Theological Dictionary, containing definitions of all religious terms; a comprehensive view of every article in the system of divinity; an impartial account of all the principal denominations which have subsisted in the religious world from the birth of Christ to the present day; together with an accurate statement of the most remarkable transactions and events recorded in ecclesiastical history (2 vols., London, 1802; many subsequent editions and reprints). He also published Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Entertaining (1799), which proved a highly popular work.

Bibliography: Buck's Memoirs and Remains were edited by J. Styles, London, 1817.

« Buchwald, Georg Apollo Buck, Charles Buckland, Augustus Robert »
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