« Brown, Francis Brown, Hugh Stowell Brown, James Baldwin »

Brown, Hugh Stowell

BROWN, HUGH STOWELL: English Baptist; b. at Douglas, Isle of Man, Aug. 10, 1823; d. at Liverpool Feb. 24, 1886. He learned surveying, and became a railroad engineer; at twenty-one entered King William's College, Castletown, Isle of Man, to study for the ministry of the Established Church; doubts concerning the baptismal teachings of the Church and the relations of Church and State led him to think of returning to his trade; in 1846 he joined the Baptists, in 1847 became minister of the Myrtle Street Chapel, Liverpool, and remained there till his death. He inaugurated Sunday afternoon lectures for workingmen, with whom, owing to his early experiences, he had great influence. He was president of the Baptist Union 1878, an active member of the Baptist Missionary Society, and president of the Liverpool Peace Society. He published numerous lectures and sermons.

Bibliography: Hugh Stowell Brown, his Autobiography, his Commonplace Book, and Extracts from his Sermons and Addresses, a memorial Volume, edited by his son-in-law, W. S. Caine, London, 1887; DNB, supplement vol., i. 300–301.

« Brown, Francis Brown, Hugh Stowell Brown, James Baldwin »
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