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Brorson, Hans Adolf

BRORSON, HANS ADOLF: Bishop of Ribe; b. at Randrup, on the west coast of northern Sleswick, June 20, 1694; d. at Ribe, Jutland, June 3, 1764. He studied at the University of Copenhagen (1712–17), devoting himself more to history and literature than to theology, and acted as tutor in the house of an uncle at Lögum in Sleswick, where he caught the spirit of the religious revival at that time making itself felt in this province. In 1722 he was appointed minister at Randrup, and in 1729 he was called as deacon to Töndern. Here he began collecting Danish hymns for the use of his congregation, to replace the German ones previously sung before and after the Danish sermon. In 1732 he published a small volume of Christmas hymns which contains some of his most excellent compositions; later he published other booklets, and in 1739 the first edition of his Troens rare Klenodie ("The Faith's Rare Jewel"), a collection of 250 hymns, mostly translations from the German. In 1737 King Christian VI. appointed him dean of Ribe stift, and two years later he succeeded to the bishopric. Brorson was one of the greatest of Danish hymn-writers, and is preeminently the poet of Christmas. His hymns are associated with the melodies of the people, and he was essentially a singer for those who worship in the privacy of their homes. While not unable to write original hymns, it was especially the hymns and melodies of German Pietism that he transplanted into the church of Denmark. The best edition of his hymns is by P. A. Arland (Copenhagen, 1867).

(F. Nielsen†.)

Bibliography: A. D. Jörgensen, H. A. Brorson, Copenhagen, 1887.

« Brooks, Phillips Brorson, Hans Adolf Brotherhoods, Religious »
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