« Brochmand, Jesper Rasmussen Broemel, Albert Robert Bromley, Thomas »

Broemel, Albert Robert

BROEMEL, brŪ´mel´´, ALBERT ROBERT: German Lutheran pastor and author; b. at Teichel (15 m. s.s.e. of Erfurt), Schwarzburg, Apr. 27, 1815; d. at Ratzeburg (12 m. s.e. of Lübeck), Prussia, Oct. 28, 1885. He was educated at Göttingen, Jena, and Berlin, and after spending two years helping Otto von Gerlach in both educational and pastoral duties in the last-named place, was called in 1846 to be pastor of Lassahn in the duchy of Lauenburg. In 1854 he became superintendent of the whole district, with special charge of the principal church of Ratzeburg. Besides the multifarious duties which occupied him during the next thirty years, he found time for a considerable literary activity. His principal work was his Homiletische Charakterbilder (2 vols., Berlin, 1869–1874), which is practically a history of preaching, especially the post-Reformation and German. As is natural from the character of his life, his writings generally are more practical than theoretical.

(Wilhelm Glamann.)

« Brochmand, Jesper Rasmussen Broemel, Albert Robert Bromley, Thomas »
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