« Bogomiles Bogue, David Bohemia »

Bogue, David

BOGUE, DAVID: English Congregationalist; b. at Hallydown, near Coldingham (10 m. n.w. of Berwick), Berwickshire, Feb. 18, 1750; d. at Brighton Oct. 25, 1825. He studied at Edinburgh (M.A., 1771), was licensed to preach, and taught school in England; in 1780, while minister of a Congregational chapel at Gosport (opposite Portsmouth), he undertook the instruction of young men for the ministry, and from this beginning was 213developed the London Missionary Society. He was also active in founding the British and Foreign Bible Society and the Religious Tract Society. In 1796 with two other ministers and Robert Haldane he offered to go to India as a missionary, but the plan was not approved by the East India Company. Besides sermons and tracts he published An Essay on the Divine Authority of the New Testament (London, 1801), and with James Bennett wrote the History of Dissenters from the Revolution to 1808 (4 vols., 1808–12; 2d ed., 2 vols., 1833).

Bibliography: James Bennett, Memoirs of the Life of Rev. David Bogue, London, 1827; DNB, v, 302–303.

« Bogomiles Bogue, David Bohemia »
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