« Bleek, Friedrich Blemmydes, Nikephoros Blessedness »

Blemmydes, Nikephoros

BLEMMYDES, NIKEPHOROS: Greek monk; b. at Constantinople about 1197; d. (near Ephesus?) 1272. He founded a monastery near Ephesus, and became its archimandrite. His many writings were philosophical treatises, discourses on the procession of the Holy Spirit, on the Trinity, on Christology, on the duties of the king, and an exposition of the Psalms. [He is principally noted for his defense of the Roman doctrine of the procession of the Spirit from Father and Son before the emperor John III Vatatzes at Nicæa.] Blemmydes was honest and incorruptible, but harsh in character. Out of devotion to the ascetic life, he declined the patriarchate.

Philipp Meyer.

Bibliography: The works of Blemmydes are in MPG, cxlii, and also in A. Heisenberg's N. Blemmydæ, curriculum vitæ et carmina, Leipsic, 1896, which contains the newly discovered autobiography. Consult Krumbacher, Geschichte, pp. 445 sqq., et passim.

« Bleek, Friedrich Blemmydes, Nikephoros Blessedness »
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