« Bigg, Charles Bigne, Marguerin de la Billican, Theobald »

Bigne, Marguerin de la

BIGNE, bîñ, MARGUERIN, mɑ̄r´´ge´´ran, DE LA: French theologian; b. at Bernières-le-Patry, in Normandy, 1546 or 1547; d. at Paris 1589. He came of noble Norman parentage; studied at Caen and became rector of the university there; went to Paris, where he studied theology at the Sorbonne and received the doctorate. To refute the authors of the Magdeburg Centuries in June, 1576, he undertook to give a fuller edition of the writings of the Fathers of the Church than had been yet made. For this work he was appointed canon of the church of Bayeux, and some time after professor of the chapter-school; resigned to succeed his uncle, François du Parc, who had died, as dean of the church of Mans. In 1576 he was sent as deputy from the clergy of Normandy to the States General of Blois. In 1581 he went as canon of Bayeux to the provincial council there, and defended vigorously his chapter against the usurpation of Bernardin de St. François, bishop of Bayeux. The death of the bishop (July 14, 1582) appeared to end the conflict; but the bishop's successor, Mathurin de Savonnières, eventually forced Bigne to resign. He returned to Paris, where he died the same year. He was a great patristic scholar and an eloquent preacher.

G. Bonet-Maury.

Bibliography: His works were: Veterum patrum et antiquorum scriptorum eccleesiasticorum collectio (Paris, 1575–79); Statuta synodalia Parisiensium episcoporum, Galonis cardinalis, Odonis et Wilhelmi; item Petri et Galteri Senonensium archiepiscoporum decreta primum edita (1578); S. Isidori Hispalensis Opera (1580). Consult: J. Hermant, L’Histoire du diocèse de Bayeux, Caen, 1705; P. D. Huet, Les Origines de la ville de Caen, Rouen, 1706; Nicéron, Mémoires, xxx, 279; J. G. de Chauffepié, Nouveau dictionnaire historique et critique, vol. i, Amsterdam, 1750.

« Bigg, Charles Bigne, Marguerin de la Billican, Theobald »
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