« Catafalque Cataldus Catechesis, Catechetics »


CA-TAL´DUS: According to legend, a native of Ireland and bishop there of a place called Rachan, otherwise unknown. He is said to have made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and to have been directed in a vision to preach the Gospel to the heathen at Tarentum. With signs and wonders he performed his mission, became bishop of Tarentum or even archbishop, and converted the entire region before his death. The historical fact which underlies the legend is probably that a pious Irishman named Cataldus or Cathaldus ( = Cathal or Cathald, a real Irish name) preached in Lower Italy. His time can not be earlier than the sixth or seventh century. The veneration of Cataldus begins in the early Middle Ages. His relics were discovered in 1071, and many churches are dedicated to him in Lower Italy, and also in France, where he is honored as St. Carthauld or St. Catas. He is commemorated on Mar. 8, May 8, and May 10, the last being the day of his death according to the Martyrologium Romanum.

(O. Zöckler†.)

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« Catafalque Cataldus Catechesis, Catechetics »
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