« Basil, Saint, The Great Basil of Seleucia Basilians »

Basil of Seleucia

BASIL OF SELEUCIA: Bishop of Seleucia in Isauria. He was against Eutyches at the Synod of Constantinople in 448, but for him at Ephesus in 449, and escaped deposition at Chalcedon in 451 only by again changing his vote. In 458, with the other Isaurian bishops, he gave an answer to the emperor Leo I favorable to Chalcedon and against Timotheus Ælurus (cf. the document in Mansi, vii, 559-563; see Timotheus Ælurus). His extant works are forty-one sermons in pompous style and dependent on Chrysostom (cf. Photius, cod. clxviii) and a writing on the life of St. Thecla (cf. R. A. Lipsius, Die apokryphen Apostelgeschichten, ii, part 1, Brunswick, 1887, p. 426). They are in MPG, lxxxv.

G. Krüger.

Bibliography: Fabricius-Harles, Bibliotheca Græca, ix, 90-97, Hamburg, 1804; Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, ii, passim, Eng. transl., vol. iii.

« Basil, Saint, The Great Basil of Seleucia Basilians »
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