« Basel, Bishopric of Basel, Confession of Basel, Council of »

Basel, Confession of

BASEL, CONFESSION OF: A confession of faith submitted to the citizens of Basel for their acceptance on Jan. 21, 1534. It was prepared by Myconius on the basis of a briefer formula put forth by Œcolampadius in his address at the opening of the synod in September, 1531. It is simple and moderate, occupying an intermediate position between Luther and Zwingli. Until 1826 it was read in the pulpits on Wednesday of Holy Week, but then was made binding on the clergy only; in 1872 it was set aside entirely. The confession was also accepted at Mühlhausen and is sometimes called the Mylhusiana; the first Helvetic confession is also called the Second Confession of Basel, because it was written there (see Helvetic Confessions).

R. Stähelin†.

Bibliography: The best reprint is given by K. R. Hagenbach, in his J. Oekolampad und O. Myconius, pp. 465-470, cf. 349-530, Elberfeld, 1859. Consult Schaff, Creeds, i, 385-388, where the literature is given.

« Basel, Bishopric of Basel, Confession of Basel, Council of »
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